Blueprints for Tomorrow


The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program is a series of blueprints that help you deal with the “what-ifs” that keep you lying awake at two o’clock in the morning staring at the bedroom ceiling. The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program will help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to create, increase the financial potential of your business, and sleep soundly at night. 

“Many business owners only work in their business, and never on their business,” says Al Soricelli. “They take on too many responsibilities and waste a lot of time on activities they should delegate. They take care of everyone else first, before considering themselves and their future. They feel they are not running businesses, they are running adult daycare centers. They may have too much of their wealth tied up in their business and they have no exit plan. As well, they may be unnecessarily exposed to many risks such as death, disability, adverse tax consequences, loss of key employees, and lawsuits.”

“By leaving these important issues unresolved they are jeopardizing their future and the security of the people they care about. There will be disharmony among key relationships in their family and business. They are overwhelmed by worry and concerns and have nowhere to turn for help, and as a result, they lie awake at night worrying about the “what-ifs.” This is why we created The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program: to provide a series of blueprints that help you deal with the “what-ifs” and to help you not only make a living, but make a life.”

The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program is a step-by-step process. In phase one, we have a one-on-one Starter Session to assess if we are the right fit for each other. If we both agree we are the right fit for each other, you join The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program. In phase two, we help you choose and implement the blueprints required for your personal situation. In phase three, you take advantage of The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Toolbox, our full suite of resources and capabilities.

“We developed this unique series of blueprints working with our clients during the past thirty years,” Soricelli says. “We help you understand your current situation and create clarity for your future. Then we look at the roadblocks standing in your way and use the blueprints that will work best for your situation. As a result, we don’t leave any stone unturned. We make sure that you’ve covered all of the issues that are important to you.”

The Blueprints For Tomorrow® Program is not for everyone. It is designed specifically for business owners who are willing to invest to better their businesses and their lives. To benefit from the program, you must have strong business sense and recognize the value of working with outside professionals.

“As a member of our program, you work through a series of blueprints that help you take care of the what-ifs and enjoy a better life. You can focus on what you do best and delegate non-profitable activities to others. You can create and document a succession and exit plan. You could have written a contingency plan and a clear estate plan. Your assets and wealth can be protected and could be channeled into wealth diversification vehicles. The adverse consequences of potential litigation and a poor economy will be minimized. Your family will be protected and you will enjoy greater family and employee harmony. You will have more free time, and worry less about the details. And, most importantly, you will protect what’s important to you, increase the financial potential of your business, and enjoy a better life.”


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